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Unspoken Sins Under Your Feet

I used to feel that way every time I sat down to write a lesson for youth group. I felt like I was creating. I felt like I was tapping into the Divine.

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Like the same energy that created the cosmos was filling me and using my fingers to type out some grand truth that it wanted to convey. I mean, yes, my delusions of grandeur did play a part in that thought process and construct. But honestly, I think that is what everyone feels when they begin to create something. That somehow this is bigger than they are.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Andy Murray wins first Grand Slam title with triumph in US

My art was a way to express me, to convey my thoughts and ideas to the world. To say that I still matter.

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  8. I thought about ways to make money from it. I tried and failed. I may have had missteps in not citing correctly or mentioning along the way, but I was learning. It was something that I spent a lot of time in developing. This hurt because I had spent so much time and energy into working on it.

    It is the ideas that took so much time and energy for me. Like I said, there is some hurt that is going into my writing today. We are human beings, we bring ourselves to whatever it is that we are doing. You cannot separate your humanity from your actions.

    Words Unspoken lyrics

    Like I made mention two weeks ago about the way we treat those in service. Like I made mention last week about how we develop these concepts and assumptions about people.

    We bring ourselves into everything we do. With all that being said, I know that there is an underlying problem there. It's a good thing I'm an apatheist because I can't be out here eating in moderation to please invisible sky people. No GAWD! Team Gluttony. Nov 26, 8. Nov 26, 9. Thats is a good comeback to homophobes.

    The Unspoken Lies of Church | Ventura Baptist Church

    Nov 26, More proof that religion has nothing to do with the bible so called christians stay glutting and passing up the dietary laws eating unclean foods like Crab Legs, Lobster, Shrimp, Catfish, Hog, Pork Chops and Bacon and then wonder why they legs be swelling up and why they getting sick with Cancer. It depends. These type of casserole Christians have no life other than competing over best cook in the church, gossiping over people, spreading lies, and causing good Christian narcissism mayhem.

    They think cause they attend church they don't have to work on their behaviors. Eating is all they have. They certainly don't have God's approval. I'm a gluttonous but I don't believe in none of that though. Nov 27, Christians are just completely stupid. I say this all the time I even had a preacher try to attempt to "Put me in my place cause supposedly. I'm working for Satan.

    For stating wtf is in their bible" They can't stand to hear the truth and I find it highly amusing.

    Stolen Child

    How can one preach self control when they can't even understand self control themselves. Not just eating either,Out of wedlock kids,Lusting,sex before marriages,cheaters been married over 2 times and still walking round with somebody else last name I just find them amusing at this point cause it's highly unlikely to take them seriously. As You've sent Me into 'the world', I have also sent them into the 'world' Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me.

    I once was lost, but now I am found, Was blind, but now I see. Nov 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

    Th Unspoken Sins Bro James 8 2 15 AM

    Why sing a lonely song The whole world knows that love goes wrong Why bruise a heart that isn't broken It isn't broken. It can be broken. Life's just a show for free Come along and watch with me The only sins are words unspoken Words unspoken, never spoken. Sweet thing come and go Give me shame, I'll give you woe To live for love isn't so easy It isn't easy, it won't be easy.