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At my local council, mums can get free advice from a lactation expert during the early breastfeeding weeks. I definitely made some mum friends from there and we still do monthly meet-ups today whenever we can. When I returned to work, I had trouble getting Zachary to sleep through the night.

In Australia, it is common to seek help and attend sleep school at a specialist hospital so I went to Masada Private Hospital and it changed our lives.

Florida Monthly Events Calendar | VISIT FLORIDA

I learnt how to create a routine and sleep train my son. He can now go to sleep by himself, sleep in his own room and sleep through most nights thank goodness! Did you give birth to your child in Melbourne? If yes, what was memorable about the experience?

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I had a smooth delivery with an obstetrician and an exceptional midwife supporting me through the birthing process. I also received a lot of education and support on breastfeeding during my five-day stay at the hospital. What was memorable was that they got dads involved, too — to help bathe their newborn babies and change their nappies — as well as introduce ways dads can provide support for their partners during this critical time.

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I am lucky to work in a company that embraces diversity and has a supportive culture for mums, such as flexible working arrangements where I can work one day a week from home. There are so many! But if I have to name a favourite, it would have to be Piggery Cafe just outside of Melbourne. It is a bit of a drive but the food is amazing, there are lots of open spaces and even some farm animals for kids to see after your meal. Top five places in Melbourne you would recommend to parents traveling with kids? I probably need some myself! For screen time, bring your own baby headphones, which fit little heads for in-flight entertainment.

Is there something that you do to keep your child in touch with his Singaporean roots? What do you find is the hardest part of being a mother living in a foreign country? Not having family and close friends around us. At the moment, I try to practise speaking Mandarin and Cantonese with Zachary during mealtimes. What do you always bring back from Singapore for yourself and for your child? For Zachary, I always bring back Chinese and Cantonese books for toddlers. My favourite ready-to-cook chicken rice and bak kut teh kits are also a must so that I can introduce him to Singaporean food.

Perform the Ice blast spell and extinguish the flames! There is also a good chance the Sim will catch fire! Be careful when trying this spell in your home though. You may start an unwanted fire! Want to improve the meal quality of your stove? Witches have a special ability to upgrade either of the two new wardrobes that come with Supernatural.

Purchase the wardrobe and magically upgrade it for an out of this world adventure!

maddy's guide to life: The omnibus Edition

The challenging witch must have a level 3 or higher spellcasting skill to duel with a witch. During a duel, Witches will use a number of different spells they have learned. The higher the spellcasting skill, the more spells used!

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You are not able to control which spells your Witch uses, but they will automatically try to counter block incoming spells. After a few minutes of this entertaining visual, a winner is selected. This moodlet lasts for one day, and the first Sim to be romantically swayed by this Sim will instantly become a romantic interest. The ghost will follow them around and haunt them for two days.

These charms can be used on your active Sim as well. If failed, the witch will suffer the consequences! If left untreated, Sims who come into contact with the infected Sim may contract the plague! This charm will remove any negative moodlets the target Sim has, as well as cure the Pestilence Curse and Zombification. This action will automatically clean and fix objects on any lot you are on. Using this spell on urns and tombstones will bring back that Sim as a Zombie! On your home lot, this spell can be performed on any deceased remains, at any time.

LET GO = FALL 5 MILES! (Gang Beasts)

When using this spell in the cemetery, you must wait until the ghost comes out to roam. Not only does this action help them replenish their magic energy, but it also helps them advance in the Hidden Broom Riding skill. You can purchase a variety of different brooms in buy mode under Transportation. Toddlers cannot do anything as a witch except use their hidden power to make toys disappear, but once the child becomes a teen, they can grasp their supernatural self. Vampires maintain basic needs just like any other Sims, but also have their very own unique interactions.

Being a Vampire does not give your Sim any hidden magic skills, but it does offer new ways to play as a creature of the night. The Sims 3 Supernatural adds a few new interactions and options, but the overall game play remains the same. Vampires are creatures of the night for a reason. Vampires are the one creature that have a special type of food to eat. Whether they fulfill their hunger by drinking plasma from a Sim or drinking plasma orange juice, their hunger will be satisfied.

Drinking from a Sim will not always be successful, but you can purchase the Immortal Lifetime Wish to grant you the ability to drink and never be turned down.

Maddy Stango (maddystango) on Pinterest

When out and about in town, Vampires have the ability to hunt and track the best plasma that exists! Once the best plasma is found, the Sim or Sims will be noted in the relationship panel with a special avatar, and they will also have a special marker attached to them when viewing the town map. Not only do they learn skills and do homework quicker, they also never get fatigued when exercising. This is an excellent ability! This interaction will make building a relationship much easier.

Have you ever sent your vampire out for a quick bite, only to be rejected by your chosen victim? With Hypnotic Gaze your vampire can convince strangers that being bitten by them is a great idea. This interaction will terrify the other Sim, but there is a chance that this interaction will lead to a fight! Vampires love to show off their special features! When using this interaction on another Vampire, both vampires will show them off.

When Vampires run, they soar! Special effects included! Turning a Sim is the fastest way to make sure your vampiric powers are spread to another Sim. Any two vampires that try for a baby will always have a vampiric baby born into the family. Once you purchase the cure, drink away! Zombies are the hypnotized and animated corpses of the game. They maintain basic needs just like any other Sims, but also have their very own unique interactions.