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I thought your presentation was awesome!

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I was really motivated and inspired by your thoughts and ideas. I will use this motivation to grow my business and my personal life.

Congratulations on your outstanding growth and we wish you continued success. Thank you for running such a class act company. It is an honor and a pleasure to be associated with someone such as yourself. I know you are probably one of the most respected businessmen in the region.

Your enthusiasm and passion for your work are awesome.

Everyone is in Sales

But the most refreshing part of the class was your delightful sense of humor. Thank you again for being a fantastic teacher. Kudos to you, Van, for reaching a major goal. But more than that You have realized the American Dream And brought it home to many, many others. My best to you! Having you here again was such a blessing to so many!

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As I looked at the pictures, I could see just how interested each and every person was in what you had to say! I believe its important to introduce myself as well as this book. Thats why Chapter 1 describes how I got started in real estate and established a successful company.

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Throughout my sales career, four main principles have guided my actions: 1. Sell from the heart. Be assertive, sincere, and humble.

| Common Sense Lean: You Can Only Sell What You Have!

Treat every daily situation as a potential prospecting opportunity. Set specific goals and through uncompromising focus, visualize reaching them. These four principles are covered in Chapters 2 through 5, along with specific techniques that can help you become a more successful salesperson. Im confident that my success could not have been achieved without providing my customers with exceptional service. Thats why Chapter 6 is devoted to this important topic.

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As a real estate agent, my goal was to treat each customer as if that person was at the top of my priority list. People can tell when somebody is trying to sell them, and they dont like it. By personalizing your presentations, you can foster trust and a belief that you are the person who can best fulfill your customers needs. This is the foundation on which all other aspects of the selling process are built, ensuring long-term business relationships and securing a referral base. I believe in the power of quotations and affirmations, so I have provided some of my favorites in Chapter 7.